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School Policies

Please see below.

Paper copies of all policies are available from the School Office.

  1. Homework PolicyPDF File

  2. Complaints PolicyPDF File

  3. Complaints ProcedurePDF File

  4. Charging Policy 2018PDF File

  5. Collective Worship PolicyPDF File

  6. Policy for Racial EqualityPDF File

  7. Whistle Blowing PolicyPDF File

  8. Positive Behaviour Policy Summer 2018PDF File

  9. 2019 The Dove Federation Intimate Care PolicyPDF File

  10. 2019 SEND Information Report Caston Oct 2019PDF File

  11. Special Needs Policy 2019PDF File

  12. Adminsitering Medicines PolicyPDF File

  13. Pupil_Remote Learning Policy April 2020PDF File


  15. The Dove Federation Early Years Foundation Stage PolicyPDF File

  16. Infection_Control Policy May 2020PDF File

  17. Covid-19 behaviour policyPDF File

  18. Educational risk assessment implementing the recovery plan (1)PDF File

  19. Health and Safety Policy P611c - 2020PDF File

  20. Bullying_and_harasment_policyP308PDF File

  21. Single_Central Record PolicyPDF File

  22. Dove Federation Privacy Notice v1.5PDF File

  23. Dove Federation Data Protection Policy V1.3PDF File

  24. Privacy Policy - Test and TracePDF File

  25. Management of cases risk assessment and checklistPDF File

  26. COVID19 Educational Settings Risk Assessment recovery plan Autumn termPDF File

  27. LGBTQ+_Policy (1)DOCX File

  28. The Dove Federation Flexi-schooling PolicyDOCX File

  29. Bereavement PolicyDOC File

  30. Bullying_and_harasment_policyP308_yDuVNfnDOC File

  31. Marking Policy 2020DOC File

  32. Health & Safety Policy 2018.136738909PDF File

  33. Pupil_Remote Learning Policy April 2020DOCX File

  34. Appendix 3 Model School Attendance PolicyDOCX File

  35. Internet_social_net_model_policy_P319_qew7sWxDOC File

  36. Dove Federation RSHE policy (DNEAT)PDF File